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ONet Bloggers Directory Available in Blogroll OPML format

As a service to our members, and to promote the development of a “cloud of interconnection” among ONet member blogs and the ONet site, we are providing two downloadable files to make it easy to add ONetizens to your blogroll or links list.These two files are in OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format. Many blogging services and blogging platforms support this XML-based file format.

The ONet Bloggers Network Directory list is provided in two styles:

In the near future, we’ll use the API to programmatically generate these files. In the meantime, we’ll monitor the directory and update the OPML files as needed,

To see these files in use, please visit Sohodojo’s Blog and look on the right hand sidebar where you will see two blocks; ONet Member Blogroll and ONet Member Blogs by Title.

Add comment February 8th, 2006

ONetizens Growing Interest in Blogging

Ted Ernst said:

When I first started my blog, I posted a How-To for getting started. I never went back to follow-up on the changes I made since the, but maybe it’s useful anyway?

Hi Ted!

Thanks for posting, especially for the pointer to your how-to article. We encourage you to list your blog, Humanize the Earth!, in the ONet Bloggers Network directory.

By all means share your experience, especially what works best. We didn’t start this group because we are blogging experts but rather because we realize how much we need to learn and learn quickly. We figure that an ONet self-help group process will be a learning multiplier for ourselves as well as other ONetizens.

We also agree with you that Christina and the active Lia/WE/I4C community members are ripe for raising their voices in the blogosphere! :-) Creating sustainable eCommerce-enabled alternative markets will not just be a matter or creating a compelling and efficient web site. It will be a matter or how widely the network marketplace participants can speak out and be heard. So blogging is not just a value for ONet community outreach, blogging will be a vital means of marketplace customer recruitment,

–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

The above post was followed almost immediately with member comments that stimulated us to contribute another bit:

nmw said:


could you explain what you mean by “casting a wide net”?

Sure, Norbert… If being marginalized could be reduced to graph theoretical terms it would mean being non-connected, a node with few links. To be non-marginalized in the Network Society (see also Castells book, summary) and its associated Network Economy means having many socioeconomic connections.

Blogging is an excellent means for individuals to connect and to become visible to each other in what Tom Friedman in The World Is Flat calls the domain of Globalization 3.0, that is the world of Empowered Individuals. In this sense, blogging is an excellent way, metaphorically and literally, to cast a wide net(work).

–Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn–

Add comment January 24th, 2006

Welome to Sohodojo's Blog

All posts in this blog originated on the now defunct community web site . There a many embedded links from these posts to the original ONet site URLs that no longer work as the site has been archived. We are investigating the possibility of linking to the archive URLs. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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