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A Special Kudo to Monica Nankoma, Internet4ChangeAgent Extraordinaire!

To Monica,

This news certainly makes for a Happy Christmas and an exciting start to a Great New Year. We want to especially and publicly congratulate you, Monica Nankoma, for all your hard work in helping Christina to expand the good work she was able to accomplish this year.

When we told Christina that we wanted to donate our unused laptop to a deserving individual, Christina’s eyes lit up and she told us all about you and your great potential to be an important person in helping the WE Center to get better organized and to expand. This award from the Omidyar Foundation is, in no small way, a testiment to the important work that you have done in helping Christina to be an effective change agent for all the good people in your community.

Keep Up the Good Work, Monica! :-)
–Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn–

2 comments December 28th, 2005

Great News for LiA’s WE Center in Uganda!

Wow, Christina!

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your important and lives-changing work. We know this support is much-needed to expand the WE Center network.

Let us also wish that this is the ‘trickle’ before the flood of support that the LiA community will put to such good use.

Congratulations again,
–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

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Reply to Peter Rees on Our Effort to Attend the Skoll World Forum

Hi Peter!

Looks like it is all over now except for crossing our fingers. We hope you were able to get on line and cast your vote.

In the best scenario the vote is so close for all the top contenders that the Skoll Foundation folks decide to bite the bullet and send all the candidates! :-) We really do want to get there and have a Birds of a Feather session to launch the Small Is Good World Working Group.

Regardless, it will be an interesting event to either be there for or follow from the comfort of our home.

Good luck and keep those fingers crossed.

–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

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Thanks for Help Sending Christina and Sohodojo to Skoll World Forum

Tom Munnecke said:

frankly, the forum looks so interesting i am toying with the idea of cashing in some airline miles and heading over there myself.

Tom, thank you so much for voting for us, Christina, and Peter. The World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship program is indeed most interesting, and the attendees and participants are sure to be an interesting bunch. And the last thing we would ever want to be is a wet blanket, but before you burn your FF miles you might want to network a bit to ensure that you can get into this over-subscribed event.

As active Social Edge members, we pulled every string in our web of connections to try and get in as regular participants. Our petition/plea burbled up to the highest ranks at Oxford and all we could manage was to get on the waiting list that now numbers in the hundreds.

That is why when Social Edge announced its Delegate At Large Contest/Award, we jumped at the chance to compete to get one of these rare admission credentials. We also chased Christina down and urged her to apply. We’re doing our best to get a core team of kindred spirits to the Fourm so we can launch the Small Is Good World Working Group.

If you are able to snag a delegate credential and we are fortunate enough to be elected, we would love to have you join us for our working group session(s). If you can’t get a in, however, and if one or more of us do get elected as delegates, we’ll be sure to create a useful information flow and serve as your and others’ proxy to this exciting event.

Thanks again for your support,

–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

1 comment March 4th, 2005

Help Send Christina and Sohodojo to the Skoll World Forum

We’ll second that, Tom. Christina rocks!

If you are a current Social Edge member, you can help to send Christina (and us, too) as delegates to the Skoll World Forum on Social Enterprise at Oxford University later this month. We’re trying to get a core team of kindred spirits to the Forum so we can start the Small Is Good World Working Group.

You can find out more here and vote to send Christina and Sohodojo to the World Forum on Social Enterprise. We guarantee you mountains of good karma if you help us achieve our goal! :-)
–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

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Encouraging Cynthia to Attend the Skoll World Forum

Hello Cynthia,

We can only further echo Christina’s endorsement recommending that you attend the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

We are kindred spirits of Christina. We are each in our own way working to encourage the emergence and support of what we call the Small Is Good World. ‘Small’ in this context is not all about size. It is about a collection of organizing principles that empower individuals and networks of individuals to be less dependent on conventional organizations and the tyranny of impersonal markets.

Both Christina and we (Sohodojo) are candidates in the running to be elected my members of the Social Edge community to attend the World Forum as Delegate/Reporters.

You can learn more about this on the page, Help Send Sohodojo to the Skoll World Forum on Social Enterprise, where you will find links for more information and to the Social Edge ‘voting booth’.

So, we encourage you to start planning early, and don’t forget that it just might not take a lottery win to get there next year.

–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

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Our Roast (Testimonial) of Christina Kirabo Jordan


Great to see you here! For regulars, we (Sohodojo) met Christina through our mutual participation in the Social Edge on-line community of the Skoll Foundation.

Christina is perhaps a bit too modest to mention in her profile that she is an Ashoka Fellow.

Also, we consider Christina a member of an informal network of kindred spirits working on the re-emergence and re-definition of the Small Is Good World. Each in our own way yet with many similarities, we are exploring the use of Internet technologies to facilitate the creation of sustainable social business ecosystems. These are realized as ‘extended network enterprises’ composed of collaborating individuals and organizations (both non-profit and for-profit). As such, these emerging ‘ecosystems’ present a new challenge for social investors… but this is another whole discussion.

Back to the point, Christina, thanks for the extensive and timely update on your LiA and Echoes projects. We look forward to connecting more with you through the Omidyar Network and directly.

FYI, after 2.5+ years of effort (and painful self-funding), in July Sohodojo finally got our U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) status which required a precedent-setting opinion to validate the ‘extended network enterprise’ model of social business ecosystem that we are talking about here.

We’re going to start a Small Is Good World group and see if we can round up some kindred spirits (and perhaps a funder or two). We’d be interested in hearing from you what, if any, challenges you face in Uganda/Africa in terms of implementing your extended network enterprise/ecosystem.

–Sohodojo Timlynn and Jim–

1 comment February 21st, 2005

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