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Die Broke: A Radical, Four-Part Financial Plan
by Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine

The five words to freedom -- "You're on your own kid!" -- set the tone and describe the perspective for this excellent Sohodojo reference.

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Where Dominguez and Robin's Your Money or Your Life helps you to rethink the Big Picture of your relationship to money, Pollan and Levine provide a mountain of solid nitty gritty insights and tactics to implement your newly rethought-out personal financial management strategies.

"...life is a game where the loser gives his money to Uncle Sam at the end."

The Die Broke philosophy hits right on the head for the ruthlessly small:

  • Quit today! Think of yourself as a 'free agent' no matter what your job or where.

  • Pay cash! If you can't pay cash for an item, you probably don't need it.

  • Don't retire! Your journey should be up and down hills throughout your life, not a fast run up high cliff then a jump into oblivion.

  • Die broke! If you've left your assets open to the clutches of Uncle Sam, you have wasted your time here.

Place those directives against the historical context of how we were shifted from a Save-and-Savor to a Spend-and-Toss economy and suddenly you'll question why you ever got a credit card. And, more importantly, you'll understand how and why the System works to keep you in Credit Limbo.

In 72 chapters, some less than a page long, you'll find solid financial head food on everything from accountants, asset allocation, and automated teller machines, to debt consolidation, health insurance, funerals, medicare, medigap insurance, pensions, probate, retirement homes, wills, and more.

A great companion to Your Money or Your Life.

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