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Welcome to the Visitor Center

We are dedicated to making your visit to our website a pleasant experience. If, for any reason, our site design or content makes you angry or feel dumb, give us a piece of your mind! We NEED to know what's not working.

The Visitor Center will be a dynamic place. It is more than a glorified FAQ page. We'll have tips, tutorials and reference information to help you better enjoy your Sohodojo visits and to ensure that you get what you are looking for while you are here.

For the time being... here are a couple tips:

  • Help! Your pages look like a serial killer pasted them together from words clipped from a bunch of magazines!? We use a spartan, minimalist approach to HTML coding. Under most circumstances, our pages look simple but attractive. If the fonts look like a hodge-podge, you should be able to improve things by taking a look at your default font settings in your browser. By experimenting with default font settings, you will find that you can get our pages to look acceptable to you... and the benefit to us both is that our pages are EXTREMELY compact as we do not have to clutter them with font-setting tags.
  • Opera users: Our minimalist "back to basics" HTML coding of this site is very Opera-friendly. Our pages may appear too large (screamingly large, in some cases) under the combination of Opera's default 100% viewing setting using your default or current font settings. We find that, under typical display circumstances, a 70% or 80% magnification setting makes for comfortable viewing of our site. Also note, we "degrade" gracefully, so don't hesitate to turn off text formatting, graphics, whatever. We go out of our way to be Opera-friendly.
  • Explorer and Navigator users: While not as flexible as the Opera view controls, don't forget about your font size range setting that can affect the overall look of our site. For example, in Internet Explorer under the View menu you will find a Text Size cascading menu. Depending on how things look to you, change this setting to improve our page readability. Regardless of your browser, getting the default font faces and size settings adjusted is well worth the one-time effort.
  • WebTV users: Welcome! We are trying hard to make our single-codebase sites compatible with WebTV while maintaining compatibility with various computer-based browsing technologies. We especially encourage WebTV users to give us a piece of your mind with complaints or suggestions about how to make your visit here more fun and productive.

Thanks for checking us out. While you are here, please don't hesitate to fork us.

Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
Your Sohodojo Hosts

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