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The Superman Complex: Creating Balance Before You Come Apart
by Max Carey

Max Carey, was himself a victim of the Superman Complex. So when he gives you advice, you know you should listen.

This book will help you break free of your own worst enemy.

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It will explain where the superman complex comes from, how it affects your Quality of Life, and what you can do to break your self free. It will help you determine IF you have the superman complex, and if you do, what you can immediately do about it.

If you recognize yourself in any one of the following, you are likely leading a more stressful life than you should be.

Are you a:

  • Renaissance Man (I can do anything)
  • Know-It-All (I'm an expert at everything)
  • Glutton for Punishment (I can work 24/7)
  • Lone Ranger (I need no help or advice)
  • Puppet Master (OK, so I'm a control freak)
  • Hall-of-Famer (reward me over and over again)

If so, then you just may have the Superman Complex. What does this mean and why should you care? When we take on the role of superman in any of its forms, we lose touch with our real selves and our relationships suffer.

Living or working with Superman quickly becomes an absolute drag. If Superman can do everything, what's left for us mere mortals to accomplish and achieve? If someone always does everything for you, where's the pride of "I did this myself"? Are you a ingrained superman?

Remember, Superman often felt misunderstood and alone. Max Carey shows that you CAN do things to change your life.

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