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Jim Schneider
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11 March 2000
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Business Talent is leaving; There is trouble in river city; To our fans, we are trying

1. The Washington Post's Internet GURU is leaving

The lead article in today's business section of the Washington Post says it all, the Internet, and the New Economy are creating opportunities for many new StartUPs and the financial opportunities for seasoned executives/investors are unlimited.

Check the date that the Polaris Investment Fund that Mr. Spoon is leaving for, was it after August 1993? Yes it is 3 1/2 years old and from $180M initial capital it is now worth several Billions, that is the New Economy. If President Clinton has a lagacy, it is the creation of IRC Sections 1202 and 1045. It has opened enorious amounts of captial, wealth to some, but capital to us.

2. The Ranking Minority Member of the House Ways and Means Committee is not happy

The following summary of Rep. Charles Rangel's speech on Friday is very important since it shows the bad feelings between him and retiring Chairman Bill Archer. Is he correct when he rants and raves about the Small Business Tax Cut being for the Rich? We can not take him too seriously, but if he truly wants to be Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, we suggest that the Home- based Business/Small Business Community may be in trouble.

On the other hand the Distressed Community Legislation may come easier. We find it hard to believe that only 15 Renewal Zones are being established, but so be it. It is a start.

3. Our Newsletters have not been going out, and it is now a serious problem, it is called credibility

Our contact with our fans is our Newsletter, and it has not gone out since the 3rd. That is not acceptable, and Bigstep.com owes us an apology, and better service.

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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