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Home-based and small business tax tips, financial planning insights, investment strategies... it's all here in Jim Schneider's provocative newsletter, The Taxman86 Speaks...

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James E. Schneider, LL.M. Incorporated (Wife Candice and son Jason are involved in Jim's San Diego home-based business.)

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The Taxman86

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Sohodojo Advisory Board member, The Taxman86 Speaks newsletter, Taxsavings website at Bigstep.com, San Diego and Las Vegas economic redevelopment, nationally recognized leader in Distressed Community investment incentive public policy for Enterprise Communities, Empowerment Zones and HUB Zones.

Sohodojo is pleased to host the archive of our Advisory Board member Jim Schneider's The Taxman86 Speaks newsletter. Jim somehow monitors nearly everything in print and still manages to spew a twice-or-more weekly insightful summary of what's happening that affects home-based and small businesses.

Jim's newsletter is the best source of the latest news about Enterprise Communities, Empowerment Zones and HUB Zones... increasingly fertile ground for growing home-based and small businesses.

Since Jim's newsletter is always hot and timely, we're presenting the archive in reverse chronological order... newest at the top and getting older as you go down the list.

The Taxman86 Speaks... Newsletter Archive

The archive is presented in reverse chronological order, newest at the top of the list.

The Taxman86 Speaks -- May 2001

The Taxman86 Speaks -- April 2001

The Taxman86 Speaks -- March 2001

The Taxman86 Speaks -- February 2001

The Taxman86 Speaks -- December 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- October 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- September 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- August 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- July 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- June 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- May 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- April 2000

The Taxman86 Speaks -- March 2000

More back issues coming soon!

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