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26 March 2000
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What every good home-based business needs; Stephen King got the message and so did others; Business2.0, Fast Company, Red Herring and The Industry Standard are hot

1. The home-based business must take care of their key employees

When a corporation has key employees they must take care of them or lose them. This article suggests some of the areas in which a home-based corporate employer can provide 'key perks' at no cost to their employees.

2. Time Magazine, March 27, 2000 says it all for the New Economy

If you have not seen the cover and lead article in this week's Time Magazine with 'Do-It-Yourself.com', and Stephen King you have really missed something.

The lead story and the others are a confirmation that the New Economy is alive and well, and that home-based business entertainment-style is very hot. The only thing missing from the discussion is the tax aspects of being self-employed or an employee of Yourself-Inc.com.

3. The New York Times Op-Ed of March 25, 2000 says it all for the New Economy

Business2.0, Fast Company, Red Herring, and The Industry Standard are hot according to Frank Rich of the New York Times Editorial Page. This column covers the Stephen King e-commerce story from another angle and we strongly suggest it for your review. It is a summary of the New Economy at its best.

Also for further evidence of the the New Economy at work, check out the interesting story of 'Ice Cube' who has made it from a tough neighborhood. Again we raise the questions of the tax savings issues in the New Economy, home-based businesses, etc.

However, much to our surprise, Mayor Riordan and the largest commercial developer in Los Angeles County have gotten the message and are trying to bring high tech projects into the Los Angeles Federal Empowerment Zone, according to the L.A. Times lead editorial, '...Mayor Richard Riordan has won a federal empowerment zone designation, rewarding developers and employers with hefty tax breaks...'.

Wait till the Distressed Communities Legisation ['Zero Capital Gains Zones']is announced this week by President Clinton and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, these areas will be really hot. This Web site keeps you update on the latest.

Let the games begin in the New Economy, and long live Yourself-Inc.com.

Jim Schneider, LL.M.


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