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25 March 2000
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Saying Goodbye to the 'Burgs; Kids can do the greatest things; The Internet is very interesting; and Salaries and Housing are WAY UP but no inflation is in sight

1. They are doing it in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, New York and San Diego--Moving back to the CITY

The Sunday New York Times had it all, but the best was the lead article in their Money & Business Section, Saying Goodbye to the 'Burgs, by Katheryn Hayes Tucker.

In the National Real Estate Section of The New York Times was Convention Center Shapes a Boston Area by Susan Diesenhouse

Our Web Site www.taxsavings.bigstep.com covers the same ground in Downtown SOUL, Downtown Living I & II, Ballpark/ Entertainment District I & II, and the Historic CarnationINC.Com building in the San Diego Enterprise Community.

In short, the 'New Economy' is changing people's living habits, their working habits, and their life styles in general. The key is to make it all work with the most taxsavings, and here is where we differ from the mainstream, turn non deductible living expenses into deductible business expenses. Most people are just not getting the message.

In Spite of E-Commerce Real World Still Matters--A letter to the Editor of the L.A. Times Business Section says: 'Internet executives from IBM, EToys and ECompanies said: 'dot-com companies need quality space and cheap housing close by...and want the exciting urban enviroments possible, becasue that's where their young workers want to be'...', Mott Smith. They work crazy hours for crazy pay and do not like to commute.

2. Camera, lights, and action

Film is American's major contribution to the art world we have been told, and based on the amount of talent that is working in this Industry [that includes all media, including new-media] it clearly is the case. But what if the film makers are 11, or 12 or 13, and have budgets of $100. Can it work? See this NY Times Magazine article for their take on these developments.

There is a message here, your kids can be working FOR YOU or your corporation, and the sooner the better. A high speed computer, a digital cameria, and an editing program and off they go. Apple's Portal shows the way with their "iMovie" software which is part of the iMac Package. Even 10 year olds are doing it.

The Apple Ads on T.V. and Print are pushing 'Making a Movie From Your Desk; Running a Screaming Streaming which can host a website running thousands of concurrent video streams; all for under $5,000.

3. Some just do not get it

We searched the Web on Saturday and out popped the New York Times Sunday Magazine with the catchy title of The Liberated, Exploited, Pampered, Frazzed, Uneasy New America Worker. Then we saw the article by Nina Munk, a freelancer for The NY Times which takes on the concept of free agenty being expoused by Daniel Pink, a former speech writer for Al Gore. and some of his clients, FreeAgent.com and guru.com in her article 'The Price of FREEDOM.'

We subscribe to Daniel Pink's Newsletter, which is full of goodies and saw that he was excited about the article and up to the challenge of the debate.

What has Nina Munk, or Daniel Pink missed, in our opinion, it is the tax issues of being self-employed, or being the employee of Yourself-Inc.com. Being in financial control is the key.

Please tell us Nina Munk or Daniel Pink what it costs to live in New York City or Washington, D.C., it surely is higher than San Diego which is expensive to say the least. What does it cost to live and work in San Francisco or the Silicon Valley; pretty much based on all the stories we hear [Salaries of $95,000 can not cut it in San Francisco but $125,000 plus overtime bonuses of $25,000 can make it work. The Lawyers Have Leverage, by Verne Kopytoff]. Are health costs deductible at 100%, are the living costs deductible, or your education?

We suggest the Number One Reason to be on you own is to have freedom, a better lifestyle, and cost efficency. It is the later area where the tax issues play out.

The Price of FREEDOM highlights Samantha Saturn, the owner of Saturn Network, a home-based internet company that does marketing for new-media businesses. That is the prime candidate for Yourself-Inc.com., along with Nina Munk herself.

[Congress will pass Small Business Tax Cuts, including Distressed Community Legisation, and the President will sign it.]

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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