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Jim Schneider
The Taxman86 Speaks...
21 April 2000
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If you cannot fight them join them; Hollywood goes Digital; and is it worth $1,000 a week to be incorporated?

1. The Dot-Com Incubator Concept has gotten big time.

The Industry Standard Magazine is one of our favorites and yesterday we were surprised to see an exclusive dealing with Dot-Com Incubators.

This article is a must read for all those that want to know what the New Economy is all about. If that does not catch your attention then this one might. If we can believe the #'s over $600M in new venture capital is coming to Southern California.

What, Dot-Com Incubators in Argentina?

If they can do a $100M in Argentina guess what they could do in an Enterprise Community Zone that becomes a ZERO CAPITAL GAINS FREE ZONE.

2. The Entertainment Industry in Southern California, over 500,000 strong, has exploded with Digital Web Sites, from the big to the small.

We are a Steven Seagal fan, and now we can get his new movie while it is in production. If that does not excite you maybe doing a short film will, and the on-line web sites want your work.

Check out Cinema Now and Eruptor or these old-timers Atom Films, iFilm and Reel Short, along with newcomers Nibblebox, Eveo and Ant Eye for starters.

Then it is TIVO, the Digital Recorder for T.V. and Cable. They are now going to have independent film available to see on your T.V.

What this all means is more high paying jobs to run all these Web Sites more home-based businesses [Everyone will be their own Mini Television Station, financial planners and all].

3. Is saving $1,000 a month worth it to incorporate?

Today people are living and working longer, and earning $45,000 plus social security is not uncommon. Starting a home-based business and then incorporating is the way to go. Our Yourself- Inc.Com tells you all about it.. What if you are hired to start a new professional league franchise at $20,000 a month would you save by incorporating, we think so, about $65,0000.

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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