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19 April 2000
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From the Four Corners to Chicago, from Silicon Valley to Hollywood, from Old Wall Street to the New Wall Street, its the New Economy, lets go for it.

1. Four Corners to Chicago, it's the digital divide, etc.

On Monday the President was in East Palo Alto and the Four Corners Area of Arizona, both are part of his New Markets Initiative, and yesterday it was off to the Comdex Show in Chicago.

In Chandler, Arizona, Boulder, Colorado, and other places the race to high speed internet/cable/telephone is on. but there is hope for the Four Corners, even without a telephone, and it is coming from Apple Computer and their new movie studio Minus the Studio. It is their first portable professional movie studio, if you will, for all to see in the April 17, 2000 issue of The New Yorker.

If the April 17, 2000 issue of The Industry Standard is correct then Venture Capital is coming to Hollywood by the truck load because of highspeed internet and the demand for Internet Content is just beginning according to Hollywood.

Is it possible that the Four Corners Area, which is in an Enterprise Community Zone could become the next Hollywood? What about the Desert Communities Empowerment Zone, or the Los Angeles Federal Empowerment Zone, or the Las Vegas Enterprise Community? Could they become the next 'Code Rush' with the VC's leading the way?

If anything is happening today, it is to be "thinking outside the box," as they say. If you do not believe that then we suggest you go to page 96 of the same issue (April 17, 2000) of The New Yorker and see what Frank Gehry and Thomas Krens, Executive Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation have cooked up for the east end of Wall Street; a proposed $450M Guggenheim Museum floating over the East River. Even the New York Times likes this one.

In short, for under $10,000, the Four Corners can go into the film business, cowboys and indians, or just life on the reservation in the 21st Century, start a Web Site, and off they go into the New Economy [Maybe Online Games of all types]. Or maybe it can be in the Barrio Logan Area of San Diego, which is in the San Diego Enterprise Community.

What is needed to make this all happen, in our opinion, is H.R. 815, The American Community Renewal Act of 1999, which if passed as drafted and signed by our learned President Clinton, 100 ZERO CAPITAL GAINS FREE ZONES. Now that would be a legacy for the President and his three friends from Dreamworks, SKG [The Geffin Contemporary Museum, not quite up to the size of the proposed Guggenheim, is in the Los Angeles Federal Empowerment Zone.] If he cannot see it maybe Gov. George W. Bush can.

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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