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08 August 2000
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War has been declared; Where is the University of Bridgeport; Can Yale University & Buffett make New Haven's Empowerment Zone work.

1. The Napster fall out continues.

The articles on the Napster Case continue, but the attack on those transferring files seems to have been lost.

Programers, lawyers, venture capitalists are all joining forces and there is no end in sight. Redherring, one of the leading New Economy Magazines just wrapped up a Hollywood Special that is must reading. And for those that may be interested in what is going on we suggest you check out, a 2 1/2 minute film shoot on the web.

If it isn't Napster its DDVs, the litigation roars on. Now even 'T-Shirt' makers are being hit with federal law suits.

Is it possible that the 'Hot' entertainment will be coming on the Web, the question is if not now, when?; IT appears to be now.

And could this product be sold from tax favored areas? We think so, and even the states may be encouraging it. This article suggests that 'sales' are becoming the big thing for state income tax purposes, and with the advent of the Internet, where are those sales taking place?

As they say in real estate it is location, location, and location. We think this also may be true for tax purposes, Washington, D.C.

2. We got an e-mail from Bridgeport Connecticut.

We got an e-mail from Bridgeport and asked for help in getting their Enterprise Community up and running. This is our suggestion:

  1. Check out the University of Bridgeport's Web site
  2. Contact their School of Information Technology
  3. Contact the City of Bridgeport's Grand Department
  4. Put it all together under H.R. 4923

As House Speaker Hastert said on July 25, 2000: "...Lets Reinvigorate America's Poorest Neighborhoods..." And with the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, or Rutgers University in Camden New Jersy, the tools have arrived to keep your professors happy. See todays lead article in the New York Times On-line Technology on "Computer Science Brain Drain." How to keep them happy on the farm? Give them tax free income opportunties to improve the neighborhood, and housing to boot!

See the New Haven Empowerment Zone [the 'Zone'] partners, and the location of Yale University, and its School of Management as to the Zone [Check out 333 Cedar, New Haven 06510 or 30 Hillhouse, New Haven 06511]. Is it possible that Warren Buffett could show them the light?

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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