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Jim Schneider
The Taxman86 Speaks...
21 June 2000
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The battle has been joined, and Wall Street does not like it.

1. The Movie Industry is nervous.

The following Op-Ed in today's New York Times says it all, broadband is coming within years or months, and with it the entertainment industry will never be the same.

The front page of today's L.A. Times says the same thing but in a different way. The music industry is in a fight for its life, all because of a kid from UCSD and his MP3.Com, my, my. Or how about the possibility of 7.5M Streaming Internet connections, now we are into serious distribution.

Where is the tax spin in all of this; it is that things are not the same, and home-based businesses will be growing even faster, with the increased use of broadband/high speed internet. As that happens then home theater systems linked to computers will be common place. By the way, where are all those college students who are leading the charge? Are they on campus or off campus with their high speed internet connections?

Downtown Los Angeles, home of the Staples Center, 20M sq. ft. of historic buildings, and the largest INTERNET PIPE west of Chicago, is within a mile of so of many universities and colleges, and will be filled with students, faculty and staff sooner then later, all of whom will be armed with high speed internet. Next will come the home-based entertainment industry, and finally the taxman trying to figure out how a "distressed neighborhood" suddenly became alive and well again. It is called the free market system.

Jim Schneider, LL.M.

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