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The Nanocorp Starter Kit
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You read Rants and Raves and regularly visit the Sohodojo website. You've done some thinking. You're ready explore the Road Less Traveled. You're ready to start your nanocorp, to build your Brand You!

The Three-Step Plan for starting your nanocorp

  1. Get one Idea Incubator.

  2. Get two by Handy.

  3. Get three by Peters.

The bookcover graphics and text links will take to our RIBS Joint where you will find affiliate links to your favorite on-line book retailer so you can support the dojo through your purchases our recommended titles. The Idea Incubator picture and text links will provide more information about this Sohodojo innovative product offering.

1. Get an Idea Incubator

Sohodojo's Idea Incubators, now with improved Thought Retention Technology!

The Sohodojo Idea Incubator is an excellent and affordable device to stimulate and capture mighty thoughts as you take your next two steps.

If you are not yet familiar with the intensive R&D effort behind our product engineers' development of improved Thought Retention Technology, well, you are missing something profoundly silly.

3. Get two by Handy

Nanocorping secrets revealed by the brilliant Charles Handy!

There is no more inspiring and insightful pair of books to prepare you for your dejobbed, portfolio life in the emerging world of Shamrock corporate organizations. You should read Handy's The Age of Unreason and The Age of Paradox as soon as possible, if you haven't read them. If you have read them a while back, we suggest you revisit them soon.

England's Charles Handy cogently captures the significant, unstoppable changes that will shape our lifetimes. While both of these books would be considered 'thoughtful', they are, none-the-less, full of helpful and practical advice about how to approach life in these fast-changing times. Handy is a beacon of clear and inspiring thinking in a world too full of pundit wannabees.

3. Get three by Peters

Tom Peters' Fifty series is thought-provoking and practical

If you are like most of us, you have at least one mega-hefty Tom Peters book on your business reading shelf. More often than not, it provided immediate inspiration then found its place in your library only to gather dust for the rest of its useful life.

Tom's turned over a new leaf with this timely and practical series of 'little' books. Distilled to fifty essential 'rules to live by', the 'Fifty' Series will not only inspire practical business and personal development ideas on first reading, but you will find they make handy daily or weekly references. Each time you skim these slim volumes, you will very likely trigger a flood of creative and useful ideas to inspire the development of your Brand You, the foundation of success for your nanocorp!

Get the Nanocorp Starter Kit for yourself or your favorite free agent or small business rebel today!

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