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The Man and His Dream

by Francis Ford Coppola

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Review: Preston Tucker, Small Business Revolutionary

Tucker's car featured many innovative ideas that we now take for granted on modern cars -- safety glass, padded dashboard, disk brakes, fuel injection, seat belts, etc. But, the safety and design features he proposed, so badly threatened the 'big three' automakers at that time, that they had no choice but to squelch Tucker at every turn.

Despite the political machinations and legal maneuvers that eventually shut his car company down, Tucker did build 50 of his automobiles; 44 of which are still on the road today (over 50 years from the time they were built). And, they are beauties, inside and out!

This movie is incredible. It both celebrates and mourns the entrepreneurial spirit. No matter what new obstacle is placed in his way, they just can't diminish the positive dynamism of this man with a hundred dreams for making life better.

As Tucker stands watching his 50 cars drive through town, knowing full well he won't build any more, a disheartened friend stands by his side. Tucker turns to him with eagerness and enthusiasm and delivers some of the most memorable lines in the film:

"It's not about the cars, Abe, they're only things. It's about the idea. It's always been about the idea. The idea, that's the only thing that really counts."

Best Tucker Web Links

  • Who is Tucker?: The Tucker automobile was one of the last attempts by an independent car maker to break into the high-volume car business. Tucker was a visionary, a rebel, a change insurgent, an entrepreneur.
  • Tucker - The Man and His Dream: An Open Letter to The Automobile Industry In The Interests Of The American Motorist By Preston Tucker President, Tucker Corp. Dated June 15, 1948.
  • Tucker Auto: Preston Tucker intended to mass-produce a "car of the future" with advanced safety, styling, and engineering features. He never got the chance, but he never gave up.
  • Tucker Car Guide: If you want to hunt down the remaining Tucker autos, here's a guide to finding them.
  • The 1948 Tucker Auto: The 1948 Tucker at the Ford museum. Details with photos of exterior, interior, advertising, specifications. A good inside look at this classic Tucker Auto.
  • Tucker Torpedo: The story of Tucker and his Torpedo is the story of America. It's the hoping against hope and daring to be different that lies at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Keeping the Legend Online: The Tucker Automobile Club of America is keeping the legend alive.

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