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Mirror Worlds
Or the Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox: How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean

by David Gelernter

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Review: Reflections on Technology and Modern Life

There are three books that we consider "fountainheads" of the nanocorp and small business revolutionary perspective at Sohodojo; Mirror Worlds, Grow or Die and Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

Gelernter on TechTV!
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David Gelernter is profiled on TechTV's Big Thinkers show. Check out air-times and other episode info (including a 7-minute streaming video preview) on the TechTV web site.

Theodore Kaczynski, convicted Unabomber, was willing to kill to keep David Gelernter from writing another book as good and important as this one. Mirror Worlds is the most important book about the Internet that you can read. What is even more amazing? Mirror Worlds isn't supposed to be about the Internet.

Ten years after its publication, the really impressive about Mirror Worlds is what Gelernter and all the rest of us didn't foresee. The Mirror World is a magical Looking Glass; a transforming two-way mirror. The rapid growth of the Internet and its associated impact on the emerging global economy means that the model has become the system itself. The outside world is changing to reflect our lives inside the wired, network world we live in... not the other way around.

In Mirror Worlds Gelernter envisioned us mustering the resources and implementation efficiencies to allow us to build grand software simulations of government, economic and social systems. Then, by cleverly instrumenting the simulations to be real-time reflections of the system being modeled... your get a BIG BANG!

The simulation becomes something qualitatively different. It is a Mirror World. As more and more of our value exchanges and communication take place purely in cyberspace, the model is the system... we don't have to build the simulation and instrument it... the model and the system are one and the same.

If you intend to be a wily nanocorper, you will want to become a good modeler. A nanocorp cannot grow through accretion; that is, you cannot hire someone to increase your resources. As a nanocorper, you model your business to become increasingly capable of transformative growth.

Your office automation efforts, facilitated by an executable modeling perspective, will allow you to fluidly move the "line of automation" in your SOHO office. Your business model, directly reflected in your office systems, makes you more organized and efficient with regard to "living large by being ruthlessly small." Get a copy of Mirror Worlds, read it, think about it, then read it again at intervals as your nanocorp thinking evolves.

Mirror Worlds Content at Sohodojo

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