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Our SciFi Future, here and now

Buckminster Fuller brilliantly painted a grander, but relevant, view in his Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. As astronauts on Spaceship Earth, we each play one of two general roles; giver or taker.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth bookcover

We are takers when we coocoon ourselves in escalating consumption. Takers contribute negative entropy to our closed, fragile system. Takers shorten the overall length and quality of our trip on Spaceship Earth.

When we are givers, we lengthen and improve the ride for ourselves and for everybody.

We're not cruising the stars in Buck Rogers' rocket, but our SOHO offices today are more exotic than any of our childhoods' wildest dreams. Affordable and ubiquitous Internet and computer technologies will allow our nanocorps to play non-trivial "giver roles" in the emerging global economy.

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