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Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
by R. Buckminster Fuller

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Review: Sometimes it pays to read the manual...

There are three books which we consider the "fountainheads" of the nanocorp and small business revolutionary perspective; this one, Mirror Worlds and Grow or Die.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (OMSE) is a work of synthesis for Fuller. His editorial goal was to provide an accessible, digestible chunk of his extraordinary World for us, the ordinary reader, to savor. And, oh! What an exciting tale he tells... and so timely for the birth of the New Millennium. How we wish he and Leonardo could be here for it... you know their websites would be Way Cool Places.

Fuller paints a Human history-long framework for how physical wealth, (the wealth of exclusive resource ownership), is eclipsed by information wealth (a valuation on know-how) when it comes to survival of our species on the fragile, closed system he called "Spaceship Earth."

Well before our time, Fuller lamented "the ever-acceleratingly dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas." By then, he had seen a host of them -- the 'great war', the Macarthy 'commie' hunts in the US, the Korean and Vietnam 'conflicts' - but he didn't give up on our species. He did not join others with their doomsday, apocalyptic vision of the fall of human kind.

Instead he identified the solution, the resolution to world-wide clashes of ideological dogmas -- the computer! The computer and access to information would push human kind to evolve to a higher order of being. How timely a message as we enter this new millenium!

If you have never read it, we encourage you to do it now. If you read it some time ago and are considering the nanocorp and small business revolutionary perspective, we strongly encourage you to grab a copy and re-read it from your new mindset.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Content at Sohodojo

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