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Linked: The New Science of Networks
by Albert-László Barabási

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Review: Inspiration and Validation for Small Is Good Business Webs

Note: These comments will serve as a placeholder for our review of this most important and inspiring book. Soon, we'll post our full review as this is one of the most exciting technical books we've read in many, many years.

Linked: The New Science of Networks reveals powerful emerging truths about the nature of life – biological, cyber and social. Sohodojo founders Jim and Timlynn met in the mid-1980's as doctoral students in the Mathematical Science Sciences department of the University of California at Irvine. At that time, social network analysis was in its infancy and based on ideas – mostly graph theoretical foundations – that Barabási and his contemporary researchers have shown to be not only inadequate, but fundamentally flawed.

Perhaps that is why Jim and Timlynn didn't finish their studies at UCI. There was too much exciting applied research being done in the private sector of business that seemed more on target than was going on in the Ivory Towers at the time. Regardless of their motivation for the detour, the exciting development is that Jim and Timlynn are primed to explore the implications of the new science of networks as it will impact the development of breakthrough innovations in new entrepreneurial business models that will, in Daniel Quinn's sense, take us 'beyond civilization'.

Whether you are a social or physical scientist, marketing type, entrepreneur or simply an 'inquiring mind' that wants to know, Linked: The New Science of Networks is, in our estimation, the most important book you can add to your stack of current reading. We'll have more to say to validate this opinion soon. In the meantime, run don't walk your mouse to the buy-book links on this page to get Linked.

Linked: The New Science of Networks Content at Sohodojo

  • The Nanocorp, Atomic Theory and the Network Effect: Linked presents a mountain of emerging multi-disciplinary science to validate and extend the innovations underlying the Small Is Good Business Webs business model. This article is about organizing principles and scale in Small Is Good Business Webs.
  • Role/Actor Scenario Patterns: Nanocorp Replication for Business Growth: Scale-free social networks are characterized by their patterns of growth and preferential link attachments. This installment of The Nanocorp Primer examines the social nature of the business process that accounts for growth in Small Is Good Business Webs.

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  • Albert-László Barabási's home page: Barabási's home page at Notre Dame reflects the diverse and fascinating interests of one of the biggest Big Thinkers at the dawn of the 21st Century.
  • The Linked: The New Science of Networks On-line Visual Companion: An essential enhancement of your Linked: The New Science of Networks reading experience, or a sexy enticement to get a copy and read the book behind the pictures? Depends on whether you are already engaged in this fascinating food for thought.
  • Valdis Krebs' InFlow Social Network Analysis Software: Learn more about Valdis Kreb's software tool to visualize social networks. Not only is the software enticing to social network researchers, the links from this page to applications of InFlow are a fascintating trip unto themselves!

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