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Beyond Civilization
Humanity's Next Great Adventure

by Daniel Quinn

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Review: The FAQs of Life Beyond Civilization

It was inevitable that Daniel Quinn write this slim, to-the-point book that publicly answers the myriad of questions his readers bring to him after exposure to Ishmael, The Story of B and My Ishmael.

Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure is essential reading for anyone intrigued with Quinn's ideas. In crisp, no-nonsense question and answer format, Daniel Quinn gives both intimately personal reflections and provocative Big Picture suggestions about the many paths that will hopefully take us, in Quinn's sense, beyond civilization.

In addition to the new content in the main body of the book, Beyond Civilization is a valuable addition to the dedicated Quinn reader's library as this book includes a topically-arranged cross-reference index to the many important ideas captured in Ishmael, The Story of B and My Ishmael.

Anyone interested in Sohodojo's Small Is Good Business Webs R&D and social action agendas will see strong parallels with Quinn's ideas about New Tribal Ventures. These complementary themes are so deep that we've launched Plan B: The Business Beyond Civilization Project (see link below).

Beyond Civilization Content at Sohodojo

  • Nanocorps in the Dream Society: The fifth installment of The Nanocorp Primer is all about the dynamics of the Small Is Good Business Revolution. Daniel and Rennie Quinn would call this New Tribal market strategizing.
  • Plan B: The Business Beyond Civilization Project: What does it mean to take business beyond civilization? Sohodojo is hosting a collaborative project to explore the intersection between Quinn's ideas for New Tribal Ventures and Sohodojo's Small Is Good Business Webs. As you might expect, we're traveling along complementary paths.
  • Change Insurgency In A Shamrock World: Read a personal communication version of our upcoming article in the Making Changes theme issue of The Permaculture Activist. In this provocative article, we challenge the Permaculture community to help us take business beyond civilization.

Best Beyond Civilization Web Links

  • The Ishmael Community web site: Once you read Quinn, you will find yourself seeking out kindred spirits. Find refuge from the Culture of Maximum Harm at the Ishmael Community web site.
  • New Tribal Ventures: Daniel and Rennie Quinn's personal web site where you'll find out more about them and their new tribal business. Especially valuable for getting non-commercial publications by Daniel.

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