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The Dream Society
How the Coming Shift from Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business

by Rolf Jensen

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Review: Storytelling and the Rise of Imagination

In the not-too-distant future, products and services which appeal to the heart rather than the mind will capture the greatest marketshare. A self-evident marketing maxim, perhaps.

But Jensen is describing something more profound than 'Sell the sizzle, not the steak'. He is exploring the dynamics behind business in the affluent economies of the 21st Century which will shift from need-driven information to story-driven imagination.

Rolf Jensen left his job as Director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, one of the world's premiere futurist think tanks, to found the Dream Company, Inc.. When Rolf speaks, progressive marketers in global Big Businesses listen.

The tale Jensen is spinning in The Dream Society, while being told to an assumed audience of global Big Business thinkers, is none-the-less important to nanocorps, free agents and small business revolutionaries. Just as our 'Big is Good' counterparts must understand and adapt to the dynamics of 21st Century business, so must we.

And if Jensen is correct, we 'Small is Good' folks stand to gain a competitive advantage as our stories may be inherently more engaging than those spun by the global companies Jensen sees dominating the future marketplace. We explore this provocative possibility in "Nanocorps in the Dream Society: How 'Small is Good' Business Webs Will Compete in the Story-driven Marketplaces of the 21st Century", the fifth installment of The Nanocorp Primer.

The Dream Society Content at Sohodojo

Best The Dream Society Web Links

  • Rolf Jensen's bio: Visit the Dream Company, Inc. to learn more about the author of The Dream Society.
  • The Dream Company: Rolf Jensen has left the venerable Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies to start his own consulting and service company powered by the idease of The Dream Society.
  • What's Next: The Age of the Storyteller and The Dream Society: Visit the Dream Company web site to read this fascinating article (English version) that further makes the connection between story and action.
  • What if everybody got the same?: A short CIFS article related to The Dream Society in which Jensen explains how the Dream Society theory applies to dynamics in the affluent nations of the world. Here, Jensen makes some quick calculations to envision the disparity between the Haves and Have-nots.
  • Fast Company book review: Visit the Fast Company web site to read an on-line version of Cathy Olofson's book review. (Originally published in issue #28, page 84.)
  • Wake up -- Here comes the Dream Society: Alf Nucifora's is the syndicated author of the Shoestring Marketing small business column. Here, as it ran in the Seattle Business Journal, Alf provides insights and examples relevant to small business entering The Dream Society.
  • Storytelling in management, marketing and advertising: Visit Rolf Jensen's Dream Company web site to read this provocative article that digs deeper into the connection between storytelling and modern trends in advertising.

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