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The Nanocorp Primer #3

Role/Actor Scenario Patterns

The A-Team and the Sandbox - A Pattern to Enable Nanocorp Replication (AKA New Economy Job Creation)

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Small Business B2B Exchanges Wire the Wrong Things Together

Due mainly to complexity to date, small businesses are not wiring up to each other for direct B2B transactions. There is big business to be done by slipping an auction or reverse auction engine between the transacting businesses to create a B2B marketplace. Provide a subscription-based offering of web-enabled small business software and you are an Application Service Provider.

A tremendous effort has gone into understanding the range of Internet business models emerging in the New Economy. Business Models on the Web is Michael Rappa's insightful and comprehensive article on the subject. (Rappa, a Distinguished Professor of Technology Management at North Carolina State University, specializes in the study of e-commerce and the assessment of emerging technologies.)

The TechSIG R&D agenda at Sohodojo is all about exploring the range of 'Small is Good', self-organizing, self-managing business models that are increasingly viable due to Internet technologies. We're focusing on business models were free agency and small business converge... the domain of the entrepreneurial free agent and dejobbed small business forming 'Small is Good' Business Webs.

Sohodojo's TechSIG members are encouraged to read the following:

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So how would a role/actor executable business model environment facilitate nanocorp replication and transformation?

  • It is fairly obvious how 'pluggable interfaces' (e.g., EDI) enable conventional B2B collaboration.
  • But what kind of public interfaces will enable free agent collaboration?

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