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The Nanocorp Primer #3

Role/Actor Scenario Patterns

The A-Team and the Sandbox - A Pattern to Enable Nanocorp Replication (AKA New Economy Job Creation)

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Executable Business Model Design Points

Don't make the mistake of reading the UI framework's Strategy & Vision plane layer-name too restrictively. The user-specific and user-configurable views we are talking about supporting here are a superset of the project-based, personal productivity views and software tools already available.

We'll still need to have tightly integrated feature-sets on our entrepreneurial free agent desktops and web-portals that meet the demands of project-driven commitments. These tools and views most closely resemble the project management and personal productivity tools and views we have on the 'enterprise' side of the available software solution offerings.

But the New Economy, web-savvy entrepreneurial free agent -- the nanocorp -- doesn't want or need enterprise software hand-me-downs. Just making enterprise software 'cheap and easy' is not the solution we need. Many application serive providers rushing to corner the small business and free agent markets will find this out the hard way.

The important point here is that we are saying that you must add a personal vision and strategy dimension to your free agent and/or small business person's desktop/portal so that we truly can take charge of our lives and chart our personal futures rather than live as resources on-hire to help others' live their dreams.

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When nanocorping free agents collaborate through a role/actor executable business model system, such exchanges are dynamic views.

  • Server-mediated collaboration eliminates the time and translation inefficiencies of the email medium.
  • User-configurable Strategy and Vision views supercharge 'elastic networking'.

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