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An Applied R&D Lab Serving Solo and Family-based Entrepreneurs in Rural and Distressed Urban Communities

The Nanocorp Primer #3

Role/Actor Scenario Patterns

The A-Team and the Sandbox - A Pattern to Enable Nanocorp Replication (AKA New Economy Job Creation)

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A-Teams and Nanocorp Open Business Model Web Pages

There is nothing like putting your time and energy where your mouth is... so we've updated our JFS Consulting nanocorp portfolio Open Business Model pages to include our A-Team!

'Us', in this case, is Sohodojo Founders Jim and Timlynn. Sohodojo is one of the 'subsidiary' portfolio involvements of our nanocorp. Originally envisioned to be owned and operated by a federation of nanocorps, Sohodojo is now chartered as a non-profit corporation to better support the lab's social action mission serving nanocorp-based solo and family-based entrepreneurs in rural and distressed urban communities

We've started doing 'A-Team' nanocorp collaboration interfaces simply. No fancy, formal infrastructure to make it work... yet. That's the kind of stuff we can work on here at the Sohodojo.

Our A-Team*
Tom Malone
Michael Schrage
Gareth Morgan
Michael Rappa
Todd Rundgren
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about A-Teams, Sandboxes and other self-organizing collaboration techniques at Sohodojo.

If you take a tour of our JFS Consulting nanocorp, you will see small 'A-Team' tables that look like the one at right. We've included a link back to the beginning of this presentation. Self-organizing happens whether there are systems in place to help it along. Creating the kinds of flexible, collaborative environments that empower 'Small is good' business models is a tall order. The self-organizing, self-managing swarm is up to it... it is just a matter of when.

TechSIG participation at Sohodojo is welcomed and encouraged. Drop the TechSIG a note and let us know what interests you and how you'd like to help us with our R&D effort.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the dojo,
--Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky--
Hosts, Sohodojo
The Entrepreneurial Free Agent and Dejobbed Small Business R&D Lab

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Nanocorping Entrepreneurial Free Agents have to accept responsibility to design and create the technologies we need because they are unique to us.

  • Entrepreneurial collaboration is not a design-point for 'enterprise' workflow and project management technologies.
  • Sohodojo is where we can forge our own competitive weapons.

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