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The Nanocorp Primer #3

Role/Actor Scenario Patterns

The A-Team and the Sandbox - A Pattern to Enable Nanocorp Replication (AKA New Economy Job Creation)

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Role/Actor Scenario Patterns: A Model-driven Approach to Entrepreneurial Free Agent Elastic Networking - The A-Team and the Sandbox -A Pattern to Demonstrate How Role/Actor Executable Business Models Enable Nanocorp Replication (AKA New Economy Job Creation) By Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky, Hosts, Sohodojo: The Entrepreneurial Free Agent and Dejobbed Small Business R&D Lab
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How Software Patterns Lead to Role/Actor Scenario Patterns

A few years ago, Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Ralph Johnson and many other smart people were inspired by the insightful ideas of Christopher Alexander. In such classics as 'The Timeless Way of Building', Alexander captured best practice patterns as they applied the architectural design of physical buildings. These inspired folks applied Alexander's insights to their more abstract architectures of software design and development. The result of this virulent cross-over of insight is that we now have many more people understanding, designing and coding better object-oriented software systems.

It is no accident that Kent and Ward were at the forefront of the Patterns Movement. They are among the world's best and most experienced object technologists; folks who know both how to design and code software systems using object-oriented languages and, now, OO component subsystems to best advantage.

After years of designing and programming object-oriented systems -- in Kent and Ward's case, using Smalltalk -- you hone an understanding of powerful idioms and reusable solution designs and ways of looking at problem spaces that let you do new projects faster and easier. By adopting a kind of 'community standard' for the capture and representation of such best practices, the software patterns folks have contributed immeasurably to the advancement of software design and construction.

Our TechSIG is Exploring Scenario-based Interaction Patterns

The Sohodojo TechSIG is bringing the inspiration of software patterns into to the problem domain of constructing role/actor executable business models using object-oriented frameworks.

We want to capture model-based reusable 'dynamic collaboration templates' which facilitate the full range of entrepreneurial free agent 'elastic networking'. When tightly-coupled with a community-based 'best practices' knowledge-base, such a model-driven collaboration environment would greatly enhance not only the entrepreneurial free agent's personal productivity, but would contribute to the mentored replication necessary for community-building.

This presentation describes one such candidate pattern: "The A-Team and the Sandbox." This is a scenario pattern which facilitates nanocorp growth through replication and transformation. This presentation of an example pattern is descriptive only and should not to be mistaken as a suggested format and presentation of role/actor scenario patterns.

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