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19 April 1999: We think websites are about content and interaction. We are committed to a "no ads" design. Your reading pleasure will not be impinged upon by banner ads or link exchanges. We don't have any plans to charge memberships or other service fees for access to the dojo.

We figure it is our job to run a few steps ahead of the pack. We intend to make informed recommendations about things to read, software to buy and services to use. Through fully disclosed reseller and dealer relationships, we will offer products and services that we truly believe in and use ourselves.

We'll start simply today by announcing our affiliate membership. If the content on our site motivates you to read, listen to or view one of our recommended titles, our RIBS (Really Important Books and Stuff), please support the dojo and buy it from Amazon (both USA and UK links provided) via our Books and More Store.

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