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Making 'Small is Good' Real in the New Economy

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Welcome to our LegalSIG

Highly Recommended
Dealmaking in Hollywood is full of ideas collaborating networks need to consider.
Mark Litwak's Dealmaking in the Film Industry is highly recommended.

Its focus on the Hollywood film industry and how contracts are negotiated among entrepreneurs gathered for a temporary project gives us a mature model to study at Sohodojo.

LegalSIG members exploring how elastic webs of entrepreneurial free agents and nanocorps can openly collaborate on dejobbed business ventures, should read this book to kick start their thinking.

What are the legal structures that need to be developed for the nanocorp business model? How do 'Portfolio People' share responsibilities and benefits in their networks of dejobbed businesses with many stakeholders collaborating on an agenda? And what are the tax implications?

For legal insights we can turn to the Hollywood movie industry as a mature 'networkization' model to study. It's a jumping off place, not a "solution" space. Open Community Businesses and other dejobbed business models are very likely to need unique legal frameworks. Precedents must be established to give 'Small is Good' equal footing in the New Economy.

Sohodojo goes to Washington
Sohodojo's Jim and Timlynn attended the Congressional Small Business Summit in Washington D.C. Check out our on-line reports.

Expanded reports on-line from the 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit.

Read our report, The Buzz from the 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit, at content partner,

There are exciting changes afoot for the home-based, small-business in the U.S. that will drive the New Economy and help push the development of collaborative, dejobbed portfolio businesses of nanocorps. For tax insights in this self organizing legal space, we're following closely as Sohodojo Advisory Board Member, Jim Schneider, wrestles the Tax Beast and pins it down.

The Taxman86 Speaks...

Home-based and small business tax tips, financial planning insights, investment strategies... it's all here in Jim Schneider's provocative newsletter, The Taxman86 Speaks...

Sohodojo is pleased to host the archive of Jim Schneider's The Taxman86 Speaks... newsletter. Jim's newsletter is the best source of the latest news about Enterprise Communities, Empowerment Zones and HUB Zones... increasingly fertile ground for growing home-based and small businesses.

This short list of The Taxman86 Speaks newsletters topics from the July 2000 archive indicates the scope and breadth of what Jim covers.

Open Discussions

There are a number of on-going discussions on legislative, legal, tax, etc., issues of importance to nanocorps and dejobbed portfolio businesses here in the following Sohodojo Rants and Raves, and Forums:

Recommended Reading

There are several RIBs selections particularly recommended for exploring nanocorp LegalSIG issues. If you would like to recommend a book that is not in the RIBs list but should be on the bookshelf for LegalSIG members, let us know.

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