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An Applied R&D Lab Serving Solo and Family-based Entrepreneurs in Rural and Distressed Urban Communities

Nanocorps and Portfolio People

BIG IDEAS for small business

'Small is Good' in the New Economy

We have a lot of explaining to do*... nanocorps, small business revolutionaries, Free Will and Discretion versus Power and Resources, dejobbed 'shamrock' organizations, Portfolio Life, change insurgents, and entrepreneurial free agents...

How do the pieces fit together? What's the Big Picture?

Small Is Good Business Revolution Foundation Articles

  • The Nanocorp, Atomic Theory and the Network Effect - Part 1 describes the basic building blocks of Small Is Good Business Webs. Part 2 takes a scenario-based look at how Small Is Good Business Webs will compete and sustain themselves in today's ruthless marketplaces.
  • Two Small Is Good Business Webs Compared - Sohodojo is sponsoring the development of two demonstration Small Is Good Business Webs; and 3RBuilders.Net. This article takes a look at their similarities and differences.
  • Change Insurgency In A Shamrock World - To be effective in our social action agenda, Sohodojo has to enlist a variety of collaborators in the Small Is Good Business Revolution. This article explain our approach and targets for stimulating change in the world.
  • The Nanocorp Vocabulary - We use a small number of topic-specific words to talk about our BIG IDEAS for small business. This article brings these terms together for a quick summary.
Sohodojo Speakers Available
Visit the nanocorp home page of Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky...
Contact Jim and Timlynn, Founders of Sohodojo, if you'd like to have them speak at your upcoming conference or workshop.

Sohodojo is an applied R&D lab, so we admit that our content sometimes strays into the deep weeds of technical and theoretical topics. But, fundamentally, that's our job. We need to do this to attract the interest of academic and independent researchers, geeky software developers and other idea-stimulated collaborators.

But we also want to be understood and to engage folks we aim to serve as beneficiaries of our research and social action agenda. We enjoy talking with solo and family-based entrepreneurs living in rural and distressed urban communities. So, if you are digging into us for the first time, the links to articles above point to Sohodojo content that captures our BIG IDEAS for small business.

The Nanocorp Primer Series

The Nanocorp Primer includes a growing number of Big Picture presentations that reflect the ideas behind our research and social action agenda. Some installments are 'out there' thought pieces, some delve into technical or strategic issues. We invite you to read them and give us feedback. (You'll find presentation-specific feedback instructions at the beginning of each piece.)

The Rants and Raves Newsletter

The Rants and Raves newsletters have been our primary soapbox during the formative stage of Sohodojo. Read in sequence, the newsletters capture both the evolution of our BIG IDEAS for small business as well as the entrepreneurial development of Sohodojo as an independent applied R&D lab, originally envisioned as a lab owned and operated by a federation of nanocorps but now chartered as a non-profit corporation to better support our lab's social action mission, serving nanocorp-based solo and family-based entrepreneurs in rural and distressed urban communities.

Jim Schneider's The Taxman86 Speaks newsletter archive

Sohodojo is pleased to host the archive of Advisory Board member Jim Schneider's The Taxman86 Speaks newsletter. Jim's near-daily 'hotsheet' roots out the big news and nitty-gritty on developments in tax law and financial planning that affect home-based and small businesses. We encourage you to visit the archive now.

We share Jim's passion to see the New Economy meet the Real World in our neglected urban neighborhoods and rural areas which don't happen to be in the heart of high tech. The Taxman86 Speaks is the best source to keep abreast of the latest developments in Enterprise Communities, Empowerment Zones and HUB Zones as well as following the Renewal Communities and New Markets initiatives.

In a nutshell...(and for the indexing pleasure of search engines spidering this page)...A nanocorp is a "ruthlessly small" company. By ruthlessly small we mean, the nanocorp's founding owners are forever its only employees. The nanocorp is committed to non-accretive growth. A nanocorp grows through replication and/or transformation. The nanocorp's commitment to non-accretive growth is the source of its discretionary power. The personal integrity of its owner-employees is the foundation upon which a sustainable nanocorp is built.

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