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Here are our recommended sites for nanocorps, entrepreneurial free agents and small business revolutionaries. We've organized this page along the lines of our special interest groups, our SIGS, here at Sohodojo:

  • LifeSIG Links is our most diverse collection including links to health insurance related sites as well as consumer information and 'simple living' sites. In addition, you'll find links to 'Brand You' personal sites which showcase how you can turn your special knowledge into a 'calling card' for your products and services.

  • LegalSIG Links contains links to sites which provide quality information and other resources which address the legal questions and challenges of starting and operating your nanocorp and its various dejobbed small businesses and dynamic projects.

  • TechSIG Links showcase sites which address the technologies of special interest to nanocorps and small business revolutionaries. We especially draw your attention to Open Source, shareware and other affordable technology solutions to meet your unique requirements.

 LifeSIG Links

401K/403B Advocate is solo author Tim Younkin's 'Brand You' web site which is full of timely retirement planning advice as well as a great example of how your special interest/knowledge can become a 'portal' for folks to get to know about you and your interest(s).

Annuity and Insurance Portal and are just two of Craig Casey's web sites which offer Craig's professional insights about all manner of insurance, including health insurance for self-employed folks and small businesses. Offers no-obligation quotes and is especially useful for California-based free agents and small businesses.

Communities of the Future - Fellow North Carolinian and nationally-recognized futurist, Rick Smyre is the founder and President of the Communities of the Future. If you are interested in entrepreneurial social action, this is a great place to visit.

Visit the Community Intelligence Labs... CoIL (Community Intelligence Labs) is a 'virtual research think-net' that explores the emerging dynamics of the 21st Century workplace George Por and his intrepid band of futurists understand the exciting opportunities on the 'Small is Good' frontier.

Free Agent Nation is Dan Pink's first-rate resource offering timely insights from Dan, the top participant/pundit of the Free Agent movement, as well as links to the latest developments in free agency and the workplace. The FAN web site is due for a make-over in early 2001. Dan is especially interested in hearing your ideas about what to include in his revamped site. [ More info ]

 LegalSIG Links

Visit the Sustainable Jobs Fund website... Sustainable Jobs Fund - Not all venture capitalist are 'only in it for the money'. Sustainable Jobs Fund is a North Caolina-based VC firm where resource recycling and local economic development are as keenly in the sights as is the economic return its venture investments. [ More info ]

The Taxman86 Speaks... newsletter is Jim Schneider's best dose of what's happening in the urban and rural Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, especially in light of the recently passed tax legislation. [ More info ]

 TechSIG Links

The Center for Community Collaboration Technologies is hosted at Sohodojo and co-sponsored by us and Communities of the Future. In addition to the links below, we list a load of exciting links to freely available Open Source technologies which facilitate team collaboration and community building.

J.L. Moreno - Computerized Sociometry Computerized Sociometry is a fascinating piece of 'groupware' you should consider adding to your collaboration bag of tricks. Young Russian shareware author, Konstantin Romanovsky, has crafted an unusual application which could easily help you to unlock the dynamics of your collaborative team. [ More info ]

WebPosition Gold is the 'gold standard' of search engine marketing tools. The good folks at Firstplace Software know their stuff. Their expertise is embedded in their software as well as in their free newsletter which is a must-read. We like this software so much, we signed up as an affiliate. Now your WebPosition Gold purchases help support Sohodojo [ More info ]

 Suggest a Link

Do you know of or own and operate a web site that you think would be of high interest to the Sohodojo community and site visitors? Please tell us about it.

We link to the best and most helpful sites of interest to our community and site visitors. This is a resource page not just a collection of reciprocal links. But, honestly, if your site is good enough to be listed here, we'd be pleased and proud to have you link to us from your site.

To suggest a web site as a resource for this page, simply dojo.

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