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Welcome to our LifeSIG

There is a growing search for meaning and fulfillment in everyday life, especially our work-lives. Many of us have felt or are feeling out of touch in today's rampant consumerist lifestyles. More fun, less stuff. Words to live by... really live by.

Cool Site Spotlight
More Fun, Less Stuff... 'Nuff said! -- Be sure to check out the Center's New Dream 2000: Visions for a Sustainable Future, a special Millennial Edition of this non-profit group's excellent newsletter.

That's what the good folks at New American Dream say. We believe it. We're working on it for ourselves. The LifeSIG will help us all in this important and timely search for meaning and fulfillment through exercise of the other side of Capitalism, a search for sustainable enterprise and sustainable living.

What's New

Creative class folks -- AKA nanocorps -- lead Portfolio Lives!LifeSIG - Sohodojo's Jim and Timlynn are leading a summer session workshop "Portfolio Life: Strategies for Individual and Business Success in the 21st Century" at Montana State U. Northern. If you're in northcentral Montana May 16-17, join us.

Full-time and career-length jobs are rapidly disappearing. Global economic pressures are moving more and more businesses off-shore. Portfolio Life -- a personal strategy for economic security -- replaces the traditional job with a network-based web of multiple streams of revenue and mentored skill and opportunity development. Portfolio Life is particularly relevant to microenterprise, small business and rural economic sustainability.

This course will be useful to individuals envisioning thier own careers, business owners and enterpreneurs, economic developers and community service leaders. This workshop will be a results-oriented learning experience. Individuals should expect to develop personal strategies for evolving their careers. Business owners and entrepreneurs will develop innovative startegies for employee retention and productivity improvement. Economic developers and community service leaders will identify opportunities for new and expanded services offerings for workforce and small business development. [ MSU-N session info ]

The Imagine Iowa 2010 logoCool Stuff - Ever wonder what's brewing in the heart of our nation's Heartland? Stop imagining and find out all the innovative details by reading Imagine Iowa 2010: A New Strategy for the New Economy, an opinion editorial by Anita Walker, Director of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. Among the innovative activities of interest to Sohodojo is Iowa's Cultural/Creative Workers As Entrepreneurs initiative within the Imagine Iowa 2010 program. Find out more about this initiative and other goals and objectives of the Imagine Iowa 2010 program. We'll keep you posted as we learn more. [ Visit the Iowa DCA web site ]

Portfolio Life - MIT's Tom Malone and Robert Laubacher have recently published an update of their provocative article "Retreat of the Firm and the Rise of Guilds: The Employment Relationship in an Age of Virtual Business" as part of the Sloan School of Management's Initiative for Inventing the Organizations of the 21st Century. Nanocorp-based free agents will find valuable insights about trends affecting the transformation of the employment system. Let's hope state and Federal legislators read this article and think about its implications as much as the free agent community does!

Visit the Earthaven Ecovillage, a North Carolina permaculture hotspot!Culture Shifts - Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn visited Earthaven many times over the last few months. This North Carolina ecovillage is a world-leader in the Permaculture movement. Jim and Timlynn attended a number of Council Weekends, an exciting work-party helping folks build a house from industrial shipping pallets, and have become Supporting Members of this innovative rural community. Ecovillages abound with creative folks exploring new ways to be in the world as we settle into the challenges of community life in the 21st Century.

Visit the NARFI web site...Rural Futures - You are invited to visit the North American Rural Futures Institute web site... especially if you are interested in the future of rural life in North America. Through our collaboration with Communities of the Future (COTF), we are developing and maintaining the web sites of the COTF Network Centers and each Center's various project web sites. Welcome to the Internet!

Community Members' Experience Reports

We solicit and publish Sohodojo community members' experience reports. These reflective short articles share the what works and what doesn't insights from our community members.

Member Spotlight: Tony Lawrence
Visit Sohodojo community member, Tony Lawrence's Donor-supported Unix Info Hub
Long-time Sohodojo community member, A.P. ('Lone Wolf Tony') Lawrence, is a SCO/Linux Unix Consultant in the Boston area. Tony is a savvy, experienced free agent.

Tony's made his 'Brand You' free agent website work for him by taking the time to self-publish high-quality, original technical content.

We liked Tony's simple, effective approach to donor support of his website so much that we modeled our own Donor-Sponsor program on Tony's good ideas.

We're kicking off this new content thread for the new LifeSIG area with a self-published contribution for 'Lone Wolf' Tony Lawrence, a long-time community member and seasoned techno-guru free agent:

Community Members' Free Thinking

The LifeSIG is just getting organized. We're pulling some seed content together from the interactions we've had with community members over the last year or more. In the meantime, if you'd like to publish a short article that fits the Sohodojo LifeSIG theme, drop us a note and let's talk about publishing your piece.

  • The Ripple - Dojo Founding Co-Host Jim Salmons reflects on 'Life with Timlynn' (AKA the other Founding Host) in this short piece written on the occassion of their recent tenth wedding anniversary.

Recommended LifeSIG Reading

There are several RIBS Joint selections particularly recommended for exploring LifeSIG themes. If you would like to recommend a book that is not in this list but should be on the bookshelf for LifeSIG members, let us know.

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