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Excerpt from 'Shamrocks and Nanocorps: Bridging the Digital Divide'

Two Small Is Good Business Webs Compared

A Closer Look at and 3RBuilders.Net

Introducing and 3RBuilders.Net

Small Is Good Business Webs are decentralized and distributed value chains. The business web's participants are solo and family-based entrepreneurs. For folks in rural areas, a design goal of Small Is Good Business Webs is to have a collaborative business community that individuals, families and small groups of friends can join regardless of where they live.

To create the business models and associated software that will be needed to support Small Is Good Business Webs, the Sohodojo R&D lab is working to launch and grow two demonstration companies; and 3RBuilders.Net. logo with Dude Goldberg proclaiming what's ahead will be a decentralized and distributed craftory (craft-oriented factory) manufacturer of products in the backyard wildlife marketplace. is designed to be an ideal business to explore youth entrepreneurship training. will provide experience-based business education at the elementary and secondary levels. In addition to having this education component to involve young entrepreneurs, will be a really fun business that is also intended to produce significant commerical results.

The 3RBuilders.Net logo, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle...

3RBuilders.Net will be a more serious business. Based on the three 'R's of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, 3RBuilders.Net will construct affordable housing in rural and distressed urban communities. The qualitative and regulatory requirements of building human-habitable housing means that 3RBuilders.Net will be a far more complicated undertaking than our business. 3RBuilders.Net will require significant development of skill training and certification components of its business model.

While 3RBuilders.Net will eventually develop a variety of Green building construction techniques, our initial focus will be on the reuse of industrial shipping pallets. This construction technique was developed by Lynn Armstrong, an ecovillager of Earthaven in western North Carolina. You can learn more about Lynn's exciting Green building innovation in our article, Lay Your Pallet Down, Don't Burn It.

Unique Features and Similar Nature

Click to see a full size Small Is Good Business Web Input-Output Model in PDF format... The Small Is Good Business Web Input-Output Model shows that all Small Is Good Business Webs share the same basic nature. They link customers to nanocorps and dejobbed small businesses (usually families or groups of friends) through decentralized and distributed value chains.

Each Small Is Good Business Web also has unique characteristics based on the customer needs they fulfill and the products and services they offer. In the following table, we compare the characteristics of and 3RBuilders.Net. 3RBuilders.Net
Nature of Product Commodity, high volume, low price Capital asset, low volume, high price
Customer Profile Individuals and retail middlemen Local municipalities and corporate sponsors
Size of Web Potentially huge (1,000s) Large (100s)
Certification Importance Important Critical
Nature of Training One-to-one mentoring Formal training and apprenticeships
Value Chain Supplements Relatively rare Important
Customer into Nanocorp Desired and frequent Relatively rare

Differences In Software Infrastructure Support

Small Is Good Business Webs capitalize on different aspects of the software infrastructure that support them as reflected in the following table. 3RBuilders.Net
Network Infrastructure
(Role/Actor Executable Business Models)
Important Vital
eCommerce Engine
(Story-driven, game-oriented)
Vital Helpful

All Small Is Good Business Webs will rely on the network infrastructure of a Role/Actor Executable Business Model to implement their decentralized and distributed value chains. However, for the unique demands of housing construction, network infrastructure will be vital to the 3RBuilders.Net Small Is Good Business Web success.

As competitor in a commodity-based marketplace, will rely on its story-driven, game-oriented eCommerce engine to achieve significant and sustainable sales levels.

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Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
30 April 2002

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