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Sohodojo maintains a mailing list for those interested in keeping a finger on the pulse of the nanocorps and the Internet-based small business revolution.

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Rants and Raves newsletter archive

Issue #01 (HTML version) - What is a nanocorp? and Introducing the Master Webring of the Nanocorps highlight the premiere issue.  [ Text ]

Issue #02 (HTML version) - The 'Few heads, many hats' nanocorp management dilemma and 'Why nanocorps?' [ Text ]

Issue #03 (HTML version) - The 'Few heads, many hats' management dilemma, front-runner solution first impressions and software pricing discrimination against small business... [ Text ]

Issue #04 (HTML version) - Clicking at Sohodojo... [ Text ]

Issue #05 (HTML version) - 2001 and Tron, nanocorps, microbusiness and executable business models... [ Text ]

Issue #06 (HTML version) - The Agony and Ecstasy of Living Small. [ Text ]

Issue #07 (HTML version) - Nanocorp predator, industrial megacorp prey? [ Text ]

Issue #08 (HTML version) - Rebuilding a small business community in Hope Town, Elbow Cay [ Text ]

Issue #08 - Supplement (HTML version) - Care-zine: Recipe for a Lean, Mean Windows Machine [ Text ]

Issue #09 (HTML version) - Sohodojo 2010 A.D. - We have a Dream [ Text ]

Issue #10 (HTML version) - It's a matter of life or death: Why we want to reinvent work [ Text ]

Issue #11 (HTML version) - A Report on MIT's 'Inventing the Organizations of the 21st Century' Conference [ Text ]

Issue #12 (HTML version) - Taking stock and setting the course... Welcome to the 21st Century!  [ Text ]

Issue #13 (HTML version) - Collaboration: The Foundation of Entrepreneurial Free Agency  [ Text ]

Issue #14 (HTML version) - Caution: Rant Ahead - Giving The New York Times a Piece of Our Mind  [ Text ]

Issue #15 (HTML version) - Elastic Networking and the Portfolio Life: Handy Reflections  [ Text ]

Issue #16 (HTML version) - Sohodojo News and 'Dan Pink on the State of Free Agent Nation'  [ Text ]

Issue #17 (HTML version) - Shamrocks and Nanocorps: 'Small is Good' Business Webs to Bridge the Digital Divide  [ Text ]

Issue #18 (HTML version) - Nanocorps in the Story-driven Dream Society: Stories and Storytelling in Your Free Agent and Small Business Future  [ Text ]

Newsletter archive, printable version - HTML formatted version (a whopping 188K 'page') of newsletters 1-9. Redundant headers and endpieces have been stripped out. Saves LOTS of paper when printing a hardcopy of the Rants and Raves archive.

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