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Dan Pink Visits Circle of Friends in North Carolina
Fast Company and Regulator Bookshop Co-Host Visit

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Dan Pink Visits North Carolina Free Agents

11 May 2001, Raleigh, NC -- Dan Pink - author of the recently published Free Agent Nation: How America's New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live, Fast Company contributing editor and former chief speechwriter to Al Gore in the White House - visited the RTP area, May 10th (2001), to meet with the RTP cell of the Circle of Friends Readers Club

Sohodojo Interviews Dan Pink
Dan Pink talks to Sohodojo

Sohodojo's Jim and Timlynn had a chance to interview Dan Pink on his home turf of Washington, D.C. when they were in the nation's capital for the Congressional Small Business Summit. Find out more about 'The State of Free Agent Nation' in this Sohodojo exclusive.

The RTP Cell of Fast Company's Circle of Friends Reader Clubs and Durham's independent Regulator Bookshop co-hosted the evening event at the Research Triangle Regional Partnership Meeting Facility at the RDU Airport.

"We are extremely happy that Dan Pink visited the RTP area free agents and independent workers May 10th," said Timlynn Babitsky, founding co-host of Sohodojo, the Applied R&D Lab for Entrepreneurial Free Agents and Dejobbed Small Business, "We appreciate that Dan came to North Carolina in recognition of the innovative activity that is developing among the free agents in our State... it's what we call the Small Is Good Business Revolution, and it's centered right here in North Carolina."

A Dojo Must-Read
Free Agent Nation book cover

Learn more about Dan's book, Free Agent Nation, by visiting our RIBS bookstore.

"Dan's newly published book, Free Agent Nation, is a landmark publication which firmly establishes the independent workforce as the backbone of 21st Century Business," said Jim Salmons, founding co-host of Sohodojo and its TechSIG Leader, "Besides our being important contributors to the contingency workforce of traditional businesses, entrepreneurial free agents can be found at the leading edge of social action and alternative rural and urban economic development initiatives."

Prior to the Circle of Friends event, Dan met with Sohodojo's Jim and Timlynn to strategize a future event, "Free Agent Nation and the Small Is Good Business Revolution in North Carolina", which will bring together the major players in the State interested in innovative strategies for rural and urban economic development in North Carolina. (More soon on this exciting development...)

Sohodojo Speakers Available
Visit the nanocorp home page of Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky...
Learn more about the Small Is Good Business Revolution in North Carolina. Contact us if you would like Jim and Timlynn to speak to your group.

"Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky of Sohodojo are pioneers in Free Agent Nation," Dan Pink said, "In my book, I selected nineteen words to characterize the free agent movement and their term, 'nanocorp', is one of those key terms. With innovators like Sohodojo, North Carolina's free agent community is among the hotspots to watch. I had a great time visiting North Carolina to kick off my book tour and I'm looking forward to coming back to North Carolina for the Sohodojo-sponsored event Jim and Timlynn are planning."

Pink Links at Sohodojo

Here is an up-to-the-minute list of references to Dan Pink on the Sohodojo web site.

Dan first became interested in Sohodojo when we talked to him about nanocorps, Small Is Good business webs and our interest in 'no growth' business models (that's no growth in terms of employees, not in terms of impact or in results). For information about the nanocorp, 'ruthlessly small' business and Small Is Good Business Webs, see any or all of the following:

Thank you for visiting Sohodojo. We welcome your interest and involvement in the Small Is Good Business Revolution.

--Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky--
Founding Hosts, Sohodojo
Raleigh, NC USA
01 May 2001

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