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Sohodojo Designated Open Directory Project "Cool Site"
We're profiled in Small Business and SOHO categories

15 May 1999: The Open Directory Project is a showcase of the power of volunteerism. Rather than rely on algorithmic interpretations of what's out on the web according to a bunch of spiders, crawlers and robots; the ODP harnesses the energies of volunteer editors. This army of subject-matter-expert editors performs a "hands-on" evaluation of sites submitted for listing in the ODP directory.

Sohodojo submitted in the Small Business SOHO category and we were promptly and courteously evaluated by our assigned reviewer. This conscientious editor gave us such a thorough inspection, we are happy to say he forked us! That's right, our first fork under the auspices of the Open Fork Alliance came at the hands of our ODP editor!

And if that was not enough, late Friday night we got this thoughtful and encouraging notification in our dojo in-box:

"This is to inform you that the website
has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory
category at
Your site is quite remarkable in being well written, artful, and uncommon. Well done."

Well, needless to say, these were just the words we needed to hear!

This editor's note energized us ever more vigorously to pursue our efforts building traffic to the site and adding to the site's content. We are starting to see the glint of critical mass just over the horizon. We want the nanocorp-based small business revolution to be real, and we want to play a leadership role in making that happen.

Isn't it amazing how kind and encouraging words give you something that money can't buy?

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