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Jobshift: How to Prosper in a Workplace Without Jobs
by William Bridges

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There's a brave new world of work emerging. It's a Back to the Future, just-around-the-corner, Future-Past where job as we know it, no longer exists.

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Written in three parts, part one, "The Late, Great Job," makes a strong case that jobs will not be part of tomorrow's economic reality. In fact, many organizations today are already being 'de-jobbed'. Every single one of us, needs to learn new ways to get things done.

"A Career Guide for the Twenty-first Century Worker," advises the e-lancers, free-lancers, employees, managers and everyone else that today's workers need to stop thinking in terms of jobs and look instead for work that needs doing -- then set themselves up as the best way to get that work done.

"We're All in This Together," gives some guidelines for transition from the world of work defined as jobs to the de-jobbed organization and the de-jobbed society.

In an August 4th post on the Ah yes! The American Dream topic of the Nano-economics Forum we pointed toward David Berreby's piece on the "The Hunter-Gatherers of the Knowledge Economy." In this piece he makes the case that today's 'cyberforagers' may have merely come back to our deepest ancestral roots.

Bridges tells us that the one thing on which we've become most hooked in this age of mega-orgs and megacorps -- the badge some wear as their meaning and 'worth'-- the job -- is dying. Its short-lived history, a 200 year blip on the social history of mankind, is fading away as quickly as it came.

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William Bridges has an uncanny ability to see the implications of change in organization structure and management philosphies as they will effect our everyday lives. Bridges single-handedly popularized the term, dejobbed, as characterizing the workplace of the late 20th and emerging 21st Centuries.

His consulting firm, Bridges and Associates, specializes in high-ticket services for corporate clients. However they do run public seminars for individuals seeking assistance with transitioning into the 'dejobbed' world of work. You'll find good on-line articles and helpful free self-assessment tools at the Bridges and Associates website.

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