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The 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit
Freedom, It's All about Freedom...

NFIB President Jack Faris opens the Congressional Small Business Summit. Click for enlargement.
NFIB President Jack Faris
opens the Congressional
Small Business Summit

"There's a thousand reasons people want to start a business. But there's only one reason why people want to stay in one.

Freedom. Freedom to try. Freedom to fail. Freedom to lock the front door and go fishing.

Isn't that what America is all about? The rebel. The change agent. The guy who's willing to take on Wal-Mart?

She's selling cars, writing software and bidding on the plumbing for the new library. Because that's what small business owners do.

They count the costs, kiss their spouse and then mortgage the house to make payroll. That's what makes them a breed apart. Because despite the risks, despite the odds and despite the hours, all they ask for in return is control.

If I bet the ranch, let me run the ranch. Without pestering. Without politics. Without some bureaucrat spending my profits.

That's the spirit that founded our nation and that's the spirit we fight to preserve. Because America works best when small business is set free. Free from waste. Free from hurdles. Free from jumping through hoops.

So let that be our mission. To light the way and to lead the charge. For small business owners. For small business vision. And for small business values. Because the fight is never finished. And our members are in it for good."

With this insightful and inspiring observation, Jack Faris, President and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) officially opened the 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit in Washington D.C. on June 7th. Faris, who has led the NFIB since 1992, is a nationally recognized political advocate.

As a past executive director of the Republican National Finance Committee, he has the ear of well-placed politicians in the House and Senate and he knows the political ropes. As a small business owner himself, he has the trust of the 600,000 small business owners (employing over 7 million workers) who belong to the NFIB.

Additional Summit coverage and reflections are available on the Sohodojo website.

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