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An Applied R&D Lab Serving Solo and Family-based Entrepreneurs in Rural and Distressed Urban Communities
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Sohodojo is a licensed content provider to the small business resource and information portal.

Links to Sohodojo content at has expressed an interest in re-publishing a growing selection of content from Sohodojo with sources covering feature articles and interactive polls from our Rants and Raves newsletter and book reviews from our RIBS Joint.

We kicked off our content partner relationship with a bang. Sohodojo covered the 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit in Washington, D.C., for the news desk. Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn attended the summit as North Carolina delegates and provided front-page coverage on the website during this millennial season event. While our new-of-the-moment report is no longer on-line at, we do, however, maintain supplementary content on-line here:

Here's a sampling of Sohodojo content has mentioned an interest in publishing on their site in the coming months:

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Sohodojo is a non-profit, independent, applied research and development laboratory supporting entrepreneurial free agents and dejobbed small businesses – the building blocks of Small is Good Business Webs. Our domain of social action is helping solo entrepreneurs and working families in rural and distressed urban communities seeking sustainable participation in the New/Network Economy.

Hosted by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky, practicing small business futurists, Sohodojo provides opinion-leading commentary, wide ranging discussion forums, book reviews, software reviews, interactive polls, monthly newsletter, and a Nanocorp Primer for free thinking entrepreneurs who want to be more than contract professionals. The dojo's TechSIG is working on Open Source role-based executable business model technologies which will serve as the Internet-based software infrastructure for the E-Lance economy.

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People: Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
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Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky are practicing small business futurists. They believe "Ride the wave, don't own it!" and have been doing just that since the mid-Seventies during the early days of PLATO, Control Data's global, on-line learning system which pre-dates the Internet as we know it. Entrepreneurial free agents for most of their adult lives, they are committed to developing both the business models and associated software frameworks to support concurrent entrepreneurial free agency and dejobbed small business.

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Product: Sohodojo's Rants and Raves newsletter

Sohodojo's Rants and Raves newsletter is read by leading Movers and Shakers in the Free Agent and Small Business communities. Most of the dojo's BIG IDEAS for small business see first light through publication in this provocative, award-winning newsletter which is free and carries no advertising.

Sohodojo's Rants and Raves newsletter is available by opt-in subscription at A complete HTML-based archive of past issues are available at the Sohodojo website.

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'War College' of the Small Is Good Business Revolution

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"War College" of the Small Is Good Business Revolution
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