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Joel Kotkin's articles featured: We're showcasing a couple of noted public policy expert and trend watcher Joel Kotkin's articles here as they supplement Jim Schneider's The Taxman86 Speaks newletter which explores the urban economic development opportunities of the New Economy.

We showcase content from our Content Sponsor partner, You can recognize this sponsored content by the "Sohodojo eye on..." graphic logo in the upper left corner of pages, as above. We'll dig in the archives and scan the most current content of the massive website to find the best information for our nanocorp and entrepreneurial free agent community.

5 June 2000 - Sohodojo is pleased and proud to announce that we have entered into a content partnership agreement with, the web presence of the venerable Inc. magazine, the premiere publication -- and now a killer website -- for entrepreneurs and growing small business owners.

Under the terms of the agreement, both partners may showcase select content from each others' website. We are certainly excited about the potential of reaching a wider audience for our Sohodojo content. But we are also looking forward to making select content immediately available to our focused community of nanocorpers and entrepreneurial free agents.

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Interested in how urban hotspots can foster a support network for entrepreneurial communities? Get some background from Joel Kotkin's stories, then link on over to The Taxman86 Speaks... newsletter archive and our Grassroots EZ/EC Tax Incentives for Small Business section for additional, current developments affecting the U.S. Enterprise Communities and Empowerment Zones:

  • Urban Renewers is urban policy guru Joel Kotkin's in-depth article about the entrepreneurial community of Compton, California where enterprising Latinos are forming businesses in a hidden yet robust economy. This 1996 article is especially timely today given the Distressed Community legislation under debate.

  • In The Best 4 Small-Business Neighborhoods in America author Joel Kotkin provides insights into New Economy dynamics which stimulate small business development.

Book Reviews: Enough Is Enough - Jeffrey L. Seglin's insightful 1996 reviews of:

  • Rethinking Materialism: Perspectives on the Spiritual Dimension of Economic Behavior
  • Beyond Poverty and Affluence: Toward an Economy of Care
  • Revolution of the Heart

E-Commerce Starter Kit - This round-up article of the best e-commerce content at is written by Shane McLaughlin. Shane's our producer for Sohodojo content which will run on

Web Site Starter Kit - Here's a good companion to the e-commerce article above. This one is a round-up of the best how-to and resource content at about getting started with your small business web site. Yes, it's written by our producer, Shane McLaughlin.

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