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Baseline Keyword Searches on 'project planning' and 'project management' at Project Start

To provide a 'baseline' of what products and services are out there and what is being said in this problem domain, we performed a detailed search on the two keyword combinations, project planning and project management (using an 'all words' search, not an 'exact phrase', search setting). These searches were performed with Copernic 2000 Pro using the 'Detailed' search setting (limited to 30 'hits' per search engine queried).

The links below lead to the 'raw' reports. No attempt was made to refine the returned results. These searches were performed for 'bounding assessment' purposes so we can have a "Here's what info was readily available based on relevant keyword searches on 14 July 2000."

These reports are provided in both HTML and text formats. (Note: Exported Copernic results tend to be HUGE files, so take that into consideration if you are on a slow connection.)

Copernic Category Search Results

Keywords: project planning (all words, any order)

Keywords: project management (all words, any order)

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