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Bridging the Digital Divide with 'Small is Good' Business Webs

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Access in not a Silver Bullet

During this U.S. election year, we are bombarded with national and local news of politicans decrying the ever-widening Digital Divide. It's prime time for politicians telling us their solutions for closing the Gap between the Haves and Have-nots. Unfortunately, many politicians seem to think that 'wiring folks up', the simple act of providing access to the Internet, is the 'finish line' in this most important race. Their proposals suggest that access will lead automatically to opportunity and participation in the fruits of New Economy.

Unfortunately, access is not a siliver bullet. Not everyone is going to be able to, or want to, develop New Economy high tech job skills. Laid-off mill workers whose jobs have moved offshore are not going to flow through a re-edcation and modernization program that will turn them into employable New Economy, high tech workers. Prospects are especially dim if they are 'over the hill' in their forties or fifties.

Sure, some will 'cross over'. But not everyone can or wants to become a computer programmer or wired 'knowledge worker'. Our nation's distressed rural and urban communities will not 'pick themselves up by their bootstraps' and become satellite 'feeder sites' for Silicon Valley.

So let's get creative. If we are going to have access in our rural and urban distressed communities, what can we do with it? This presentation explores using 'Small is Good' business web dynamics to create a 'value chain' of entrepreneurial opportunity to bridge the Digital Divide.

Digital Divide Resource Links

Not up to speed on all the issues surrounding the Digital Divide? Check out these on-line resources...

1. Digital Divide
Information on public television's two part series on the Digital Divide. Links to various sites concerning the digital divide and race, gender, and education. Also has links for educators to learn more about the issue and to implement new strategies in the classroom.
2. Closing the Digital Divide
...Clinton Administration's Digital Divide Web site, a comprehensive......programs designed to close the digital divide. Using this web...
3. Digital Divide Network
Accessibility Notice Digital Divide Overview Digital Divide in the News Event Calendar Research and Data Grants and Funding Digital Divide Initiatives In the Field Find an Effort Guestbook Discussion List About This Site Home The Digital Divide Network New
4. The Digital Divide: A Survey of Information "Haves" and "Have Nots" in 1997
5. Digital Divide
Digital Divide offers the latest information for educators, students, parents, and community members wanting to learn more about innovations and obstacles involving equitable access to technology in the digital age. Inspired by the multi-part series
6. Digital Divide Solutions
Information, resources, and links to ways to decrease the digital divide. From the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University and The College Board.
7. From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity
The Clinton Administration's proposal to fight the digital divide from February 2000. Has link to addresses of regional community technology centers with addresses and e-mail contacts.
8. Tennessee State University Digital Divide Conference
A conferencing alliance to bridge the digital divide between historically black colleges, universiteis and other higher educaiton institutions.
9. Bridging the Digital Divide: The Impact of Race on Computer Access and Internet Use
is a longer version of the article, "Bridging the Racial Divide on the Internet," published in Science, April 17, 1998. Hoffman and Novak co-direct Project ...
10. USCM | Digital Divide Conference
E-Commerce and the Digital Divide: Meeting the Challenge May 30-June 1, 2000 Albuquerque, New Mexico Sponsored by the Coalition for Economic Development. Facilitated by the United States Conference of Mayors under an award from the Economic...
11. Falling Through the Net: Table of Contents
Charts and Data Report Contents Index of charts This online index of charts contains additional charts that are not available in the printed version of the report. Survey Instrument and ...
12. Plugged In - East Palo Alto's Community Technology Program
technology at work in east palo alto Plugged In's mission is to ensure that everyone in East Palo Alto, California has the opportunity to fully benefit from all that the information revolution has to offer.
13. Bridging the Digital Divide
...technologies and those without. This digital divide is now one of......Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide, outlined a number of...
14. Remarks on Bridging the Digital Divide
Remarks on Bridging the Digital Divide Remarks by the President on Bridging the Digital Divide The Rose Garden THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release December 9, 1999 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DI
15. Congressional Scorecard 1998: Digital Divide.
Tech Law Journal story on the race of members of Congress and their support for high tech.
16. Silicon Valley Digital Divide
Silicon Valley Civic Action Network initiative to help bridge the gap. Has links to community and national resources. Seeking volunteers.
17. Global Digital Divide Initiative
...Society Home Centres Global Digital Divide Initiative GLOBAL......DIGITAL DIVIDE INITIATIVE 2000 FROM THE GLOBAL DIGITAL...
18. Civil Rights Forum: The Digital Divide
The Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy works to bring civil rights organizations and community groups into the debate over the future of our media environment — that environment is the key to the future of the nation. Specific policy issues include un
19. Digital Divide The Digital Divide Network: Knowledge to help everyone succeed in the digital age Join the digital divide listserv Your E-mail address: Knowledge to help everyone succeed in the digital age Our most recent feat

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The 'Digital Divide'. It's today's spin on the timeless dilemma of the Gap between the 'Haves' and 'Have-nots'.

  • It's a Void between Old Economy and New Economy.
  • It's not about access.
  • It's about opportunity and participation.

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