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Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs
by Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, and Alex Lowy

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There is a lot of hype out there that says "speed" and "eyeballs" are the key drivers of Internet business success.

Here at Sohodojo, we've long argued that 'accuracy' drives sustained success; the tortoise wins while the hare burns out.

Notable Quotes...
Don Tapscott photo courtesy 'Digital 4Sight'. Check out Don's bio...
"The new economy is a molecular economy. The old corporation is being disaggregated, and replaced by dynamic molecules and clusters of individuals and entities that form the basis of new economic activity."
Don Tapscott
in The Malaysia Star

Tapscott, Ticoll and Lowy, of Digital 4Sight, show us the "new shape of competition" in the 21st Century. It's not just a case of speed or accuracy, the real win lies in business webs.

Business webs are fluid congregations or collaborations of businesses that come together loosely or in highly structured networks to accomplish shared agendas.

Business webs are partner networks -- producers, suppliers, service providers, infrastructure companies and customers -- linked digitally to produce shared wealth.

Whatever their form -- agora, aggregation, value chain, alliance or distributive network -- these digital networks challenge traditional approaches to management and business strategy, and perhaps ultimately even the roles of business and government.

Based on three years of well-funded research and numerous case studies, the authors argue that business webs are the new model for wealth in the New Economy and that participation in business webs is not optional. The authors assert that to succeed in the digital economy, every employee, entrepreneur, and manager must embrace a new business web strategy agenda.

Digital Capital provides a definitive guide to business model innovation in the 21st Century. While a number of the case study companies have crashed and burned since its publication, you ignore the authors' insights at your peril. As they remind us, "While no single path leads to business web success, businesses will adopt effective business web strategies -- or they will simply fade away."

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