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The Nanocorp Primer #1

The Road Less Traveled and Where It Leads...

'Ruthlessly small' in a nanocorp world

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Unwind to Get Creative!

In the mid '80s, Roger von Oech came out with two stellar works for unlocking our Western thinking: A Whack on the Side of the Head (1983, 1998), and A Kick in the Seat of the Pants (1986). Each timeless classic is an excellent workbook. Both show us Westerners how to unlock the mind for innovation and creativity.

Conceptual Blockbusting is another good guide to open up your thinking. The latest edition (1990) may be a little outdated in some of the exercises, but the 'bottom line' is, it's still got a lot of heat.

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Let's 'unwind' the Yin-yang icon to apply some basic mathematical reasoning to the picture.

  • We Westerners tend to think rectilinearly. Unwinding the yin-yang model makes the interplay of opposites more accessible to us.
  • Remember in math class when you studied calculus? Curve-fitting? That applies here.

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