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The Nanocorp Primer #1

The Road Less Traveled and Where It Leads...

'Ruthlessly small' in a nanocorp world

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Hegelian Yin-Yang

If your Hegel is rusty, start your brush-up at this George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel overview. If you are new to Hegel, be sure to visit more than one website covering his ideas. Hegel is not easy to understand and there are different interpretations of his ideas. The link above has a good collection of links to other Heglian sites. (Hey, remember when you had to go to the library to do this kind of nerdy stuff? Don't you just love the Internet!)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eastern Philosophy has an intresting overview of the Yin-Yang school in Chapters 16 and 19. These monks had to be some of the earliest serious analytic modelers.

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Hegel, with his Dialectic, gets most of the Western Civilization credit for popularizing what this icon says even better. we are perpetually in a dance of balancing dynamics.

  • The Yin-yang School of Eastern philosophy captured a powerful analytic model describing the interplay of inseparable oppositions.
  • The 'dots' remind us that each 'side carries the 'seed of its own destruction'.

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