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The Nanocorp Primer #1

The Road Less Traveled and Where It Leads...

'Ruthlessly small' in a nanocorp world

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Geniots - The Yin-Yang Within

There are three books which we consider the fountainheads of the nanocorp and small business revolutionary perspective: Grow or Die , Mirror Worlds and Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

If you haven't dabbled in Eastern Philosophy since you broke your Love Beads, check this one out! It's very groovy. We are not big fans of those The Complete Idiot's... and the ...for Dummies books. We're more like geniots than idiots or dummies. But when it comes to a no-nonsense, highly-entertaining and informative overview of Eastern Philosophy, we have to say it, go buy this book.

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'Ruthlessly small' is not hyperbolae nor simply glib marketspeak. It is derived from First Principles, the BIG IDEAS about small business that permeate Sohodojo.

Let's start this Thought Trip with contemplation of this wonderful symbol. It has become widely recognized across many cultures since its emergence in China sometime before 200 B.C., prior to the Ch'in Dynasty.

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