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An Applied R&D Lab Serving Solo and Family-based Entrepreneurs in Rural and Distressed Urban Communities

The Nanocorp Primer #4

Shamrocks and Nanocorps

Bridging the Digital Divide with 'Small is Good' Business Webs

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Slide text's 'Small is Good' B-Web can elastically grow and shrink from a few to hundreds or more members

Distributed throughout the EZ/EC communities can be:

  • Squirrelfeeders of Rocky Mount Inc.
  • Jane Doe Inc. -- Certified Squirrel.feeder designer and builder

    Jane only needs DIY power tools, a Net-connected computer (WebTV at a minimum) and works at home

  • Squirrelfeeders of Akron Inc.

    Squirrelfeeders of Akron time-shares 'means of production' (shop w/ tools) at EC Job Training Center

  • Edwin Jones Inc. -- Certified .Squirrel feeder sales rep

Support Sohodojo, the Entrepreneurial Free Agent and Dejobbed Small Business R&D Lab exploring Open Source technologies to support 'Small is Good' business webs for social/economic development
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