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The Nanocorp Primer #4

Shamrocks and Nanocorps

Bridging the Digital Divide with 'Small is Good' Business Webs

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Shamrock-nanocorp 'Small is Good' Business Webs have many of the same properties of the Internet itself

  • Resilient -- 'nodes' can come and go without breaking the web
  • Scalable -- more nodes, no problem
  • Adaptable -- innovative nodes are encouraged, 'viral' innovation
  • Build-able piecemeal -- Investment needed only at 'node' level, no 'Big Bang'
  • Repeatable -- Underlying infrastructure can be cloned to other products and markets

Support Sohodojo, the Entrepreneurial Free Agent and Dejobbed Small Business R&D Lab exploring Open Source technologies to support 'Small is Good' business webs for social/economic development
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